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About Our Church

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission follow Jesus, living out our love for God and for our neighbors, and so participate in the mission of God.

We are a congregation that believes and follows Jesus Christ. In other words, He is the center for our lives and the life of our congregation. Jesus directs us to love God and love our neighbors, so we are to live this out – right here and now! That means our faith expresses itself in love for God and love for others. As we do this, we will actually participate in God’s mission for us in our neighborhoods and communities. God’s mission and work is happening through us as we enter into people’s lives.

Our Vision is to be a growing, vibrant church teaching God’s Word, where all are accepted, valued and strengthened to be more like Christ, enthusiastically sharing the love of Jesus with Brookfield and surrounding communities.

We will realize the Mission and Vision through:

  • Upreach
    Lovingly relate and worship Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • Inreach
    To lovingly relate with each other where we seek to grow into Christ likeness and equip each other for service.
  • Outreach
    To expand the kingdom of God through sharing the love of Jesus with those in our communities and into the world.

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How to become a part of Ridgewood Church?

First, present yourself to the Lord in seeking His guidance for your life. Second, join us for weekly worship and group opportunities. Third, consider joining as members, but what is more important to us, is that you have a present relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. If you would like more information on becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, please contact us.