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Community Bible Experience Week 2 Day 7

I hope you are able to stay up on your readings through the NT. Believe it or not, if you have finished the Gospel of Luke, that is the longest book of the New Testament. So everything else is shorter in length. The book of Acts is the exciting story of how the church is formed and has it’s beginnings. I have found it once again powerful to read through what God was doing once Jesus ascends into heaven and the Holy Spirit descends. The stories of not only the apostles like Peter, but Stephen and Philip as they sought to bring the message of Jesus to their world is inspirational and costly. Despite the persecution that the early church faced, the message of the Gospel continued to grow and expand. I love the last phrase of today’s reading…”But the word of God continued to spread and flourish!” My hope for you this week, is that as you read God’s Word that it will spread and flourish in your life and among our Ridgewood community and into our world today.

As I was writing this post, one of our readers just stopped by my office and mentioned that this would be great for his neighbor to read, and he was thinking of passing his New Testament on to him after he is done. I had an extra copy on my desk, so I gave him an extra copy and told him to give it to him now. WOW! That is how God’s Word can spread and flourish! If you know of someone to invite to read with us, please let me know or the church office know and we will get a copy of the New Testament for you to give away.