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The Book of Exodus Sermon Series is all about how God makes Himself known. We will explore the most important question: Who Is God? An important phrase from the book of Exodus shapes our theme: They shall know that I am the Lord. Our God desires to be known for who He is and not for who He is not. This includes God’s heart for revealing Himself to humans and even the nations.

This is vital as we venture into a New Year with all the possibilities that 2017 can bring. To learn more of who God is and what He is all about can help us to reshape our thoughts, our motives and our lives as we begin a new year.

Too often when we begin to think about God, we think of Him in ways that seek to help us describe His character and attributes, but we often do not see this related in the story-line of the Bible. This is exactly what Exodus does – it forces us to learn, not just how God reveals Himself, but also how He relates to the story-line of what the Exodus is about for His people.

Advent Blessings,
Pastor Kent