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Fear Not

In my devotional readings this week, I have been reading Scriptures related to “fear not.” (Psalm 3:56; Isaiah 12: 1-6; Matthew 14: 22-33) Rueben Job describes his experience this way: “I didn’t want it to happen, but it did. Before I knew it, anxiety found its way into my restless heart and robbed me of the peace promised to all who place their trust in God. Ah, so that is the reason for my anxious heart; I forgot to trust in God.” We have many demands upon our time and many opportunities waiting to be explored, yet these often fill our lives too full with activities and distractions. When this happens it is not surprising that we grown anxious and lose our sense of God’s presence in our lives.

Even when the disciples were on the lake in a boat and Jesus approaches them, they become terrified and through “it’s a ghost.” They were literally crying out in fear: But Jesus speaks tot hem to “not be afraid” (see Matthew 14:22-36). You can see how fear can grip us and yet often Jesus is in the midst of it, seeking for us to trust Him. He is with us in the difficulties that we face, even when we become fearful.

I have found it helpful to take a moment and to name in God’s presence what might be causing fear in my life. When naming our fears, suddenly it has less power over us. Yet within each fear is an invitation to trust the Lord. There is a shift that happens in our soul when we move from naming our fears and anxieties and then actively trusting the Lord in each of these situations.

Today, remember that God and God alone is able to care for all that exists, and we can trust our smallest and largest concerns and everything in between to the wisdom and love of God. Peace, hope, calm and joy are the fruits of placing our confidence in God. My prayer for each of you is that these gifts will be yours in abundance!

Live this month with the thought: FEAR NOT! For God is with me!

Pastor Kent