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How’s Our Church Health

We greatly value your feedback on how you think our church is doing. We are entering a season with the church in which our Council would like to have everyone in the congregation provide their thoughts on our overall health as a church.

As a Council, we desire to evaluate where we are, where we are headed, identify any dangers, and make wise, Spirit-led decisions going forward. To accomplish this, we are using an All Church Survey called CHAT (Church Health Assessment Tool). It is a survey that collects feedback on ten healthy church characteristics. There are 70 questions with several demographic questions. ask me a question The questions are quick to move through because they are designed using a “scale system” of 1 through 5.

For example, the first question is:
How well does our church depend on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for our shared life and ministry?
You will be able to mark your answer:
[Not very well] 1 2 3 4 5 [Extremely Well]

All you do is to indicate your perspective on each question. It should only take you 20 minutes or so to complete. We will have an online option for those wishing to complete it online as well as having paper copies at the Welcome Center. We begin on June 7th through July 12th and will inform you on the results of CHAT, once we obtain them.

Beginning June 1st, during Wednesday evening Adult Bible Study, I will begin a series on the Healthy Church and will present the Biblical ideas and then we can have discussions about how you think Ridgewood is progressing. I think we can explore a lot of your thoughts and feedback during our conversations. I am really looking forward to this time.

I personally hope that each of you will take the brief 20 minutes to provide your perspective on our church’s health at this time. It will help us immensely as we think, plan and seek the Lord’s will for the church in our plans.

We really care about what you think and we want to hear from each of you!

– Pastor Kent