A Place to Belong!

Living Generously

Our next sermon series is on generosity and how we can all be more generous. Our generosity is never based on humanitarian quests, but rather it comes right from the heart of God. The best place for us to begin to learn about generosity is God. Simply stated, God is generous. Ridiculously generous, crazy generous, way-over-the-top generous, persistently generous… all of these still do not get at the generosity of God. God gave his Son, Jesus Christ for us – this explains a great deal of how generous God is (see John 3:16). The finger print of God’s generosity is all over the Bible.

Our God gives, and giving matter to God. When something matters to God, it makes a difference in our lives. When it is central to His character, it is central to our joy. We need to be willing to embed the generosity of God into our everyday lives.

Often when we think of generosity, we think of offerings and giving to the church and missions, etc. But in living generosity, yes it includes our financial gifts, but also our daily routines ought to include purposeful times of enjoying God’s creation – like during a lunch time. What if our prayers included two-three minutes of gratitude, thanking God for His overwhelming generosity? When you reflect on it, God’s love is generous, God’s grace is generous, God’s power is generous, God’s redemption is incredibly generous, God’s ____________, you fill in the blank. So during the month of February, let’s make the month about ways that we can express the generosity of God! Everyday in prayer ask for a way to express your generosity and see what God might do!

Pastor Kent