A Place to Belong!

Our New Mission

At the annual meeting, January 29th, I introduced to the congregation a new mission. Our mission used to be “to live out the love of Jesus with one another, our community and the world, so that all may become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

Our updated mission is “to follow Jesus, living out our love for God and for our neighbors, and so participate in the mission of God.”

We are a congregation that believes and follows Jesus Christ, in other words He is our center for our lives and the life of our congregation. Jesus directs us to love God and love our neighbors, so we are to live this out – right here and now! That means our faith expresses itself in love for God and love for others. As we do this, we will actually participate in God’s mission for us in our neighborhoods and communities. God’s mission and work is happening through us as we enter into people’s lives.

What we are seeking to do is to move more into entering our neighborhoods and communities, first by becoming friends and praying for where God might have us serve our neighbors. We need to become good neighbors, maybe just a good friend first, and then we need to discern God’s leading and discover needs that we can tangibly address.

Yet I sense that one of the things we need to do first is to love each other better, becoming better friends and building relationships with each other. Recently someone told me they have been in this church for 5 years and they feel like no one really knows them. Yes, the congregation knows who they are, but they really do not know anyone here. It’s interesting isn’t it, that someone could be in this congregation for 5 years but not really have any friendships. This has to change if we are to participate in the Mission of God with our neighbors. So start today by inviting someone within the church to dinner, that you have not done so with before.

Pastor Kent