A Place to Belong!

Practice leading to God’s Faithful Presence

Our summer sermon series is on practices that lead the church further into experiencing the presence of Christ.

We are going to explore the practices that can enable our congregation to discern and live out the faithful presence of God. These are practices that are the means of grace that God has given the church. We need to continue to learn what it means to experience the presence of Christ even within the congregation and during church gatherings.

Sometimes we take these practices for granted simply going through the motions yet not really experiencing the presence of Christ. My hope is that this will not just be a series where you show up and think whether the sermon is good, or the music is good, but that you will come with an attitude of experiencing God’s very presence in our midst. What might the Holy Spirit want to do with each of us and with all of us? Plan now to be here and let’s explore this together. I will provide some suggestions on how you can experience this during the week.

Let’s pray that God will open up the space our lives need and our congregation needs to do what God wants this summer.

Pastor Kent