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Sent: Jesus’ Mission and Ours – New Sermon Series

As we enter this fall, our new sermon series “SENT: Jesus’ Mission and Ours” will be addressing a vital concern of the American church and even Ridgewood. We will explore how Jesus entered into our world, sent by God to do God’s will and accomplish the mission God had given to his Son.

While we have had our own mission statement as a church, what we are going to do is to explore God’s mission statement as revealed in the Bible – especially as we see it worked out in the Gospels through Jesus Christ. I am really excited about this sermon series because instead of focusing on strategies and methodologies to try to make the church more effective and hopefully grow the church, we will be exploring what God’s Mission is for us.

God has been working in my life in many different ways, which I will be sharing with you during the sermons. Ridgewood needs to discern how God might be working today and how we can be a part of that work. I believe God will challenge us to think and live differently. I hope that you can join us each week and come with an open heart ready to hear from God’s Word and God’s Spirit.

Pastor Kent