A Place to Belong!


Matthew 27:45-46; Mark 15:33-34; Psalm 22:1

The fourth saying of Jesus are words of abandonment and pain.
Jesus feels abandoned by God because he is enduring actual abandonment by God.

The Scene: a supernatural darkness covers the land for three hours.
The Cry: My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?
The Significance:

  • Jesus actually was abandoned by God.
  • The abandonment lasted during the three hour darkness.
  • Jesus becomes sin for us.

Live It Out

  • Reflect: Jesus is abandoned so that you are not.
  • Appreciate: You ought to be so overwhelmed by what Jesus did for your sins.
  • Recognize: When you feel abandoned by God, keep praying and trusting God.
  • Compelled: Jesus demands your complete and full devotion, love and life.