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Simple Ways to Prepare your Heart for Jesus this Advent

Have you noticed that Advent seems to come and go in the blink of an eye? All of a sudden you find yourself at Christmas Eve wondering how your time to prepare for celebrating Christ so easily slipped through your fingers.

  1. It’s not too late to make this year count. You can stop the busyness right here, right now, and embrace the season of Advent and most importantly its purpose.
  2. Prepare room in your heart. Your heart is where Christ dwells and it is time to make room for more awareness of His presence. If your heart is filled with unforgiveness, it has no room for Christ. Begin to ask God to examine your heart. Remember that as God has forgiven you, you are also asked to forgive others.
  3. Clean out the Cobwebs. What else might be in your heart – any other sins? Confession of sins is vital to prepare our hearts. Say the Lord’s Prayer daily.
  4. Get out of your rut. So often we are entrenched in the routines of our our daily life that we forget how to live in joy. Get rid of things like fear and despair and live in joy.
  5. Now we are ready in our attitude to anticipate His coming and presence.
  6. Open the front door. When Christmas Eve comes, you are ready to welcome Christ once again. Then open the door of your heart and be present with Christ. We won’t question how time slipped through our fingers; we don’t worry if there was more we should have done. We have been good and faithful servants and are ready for Christ.

Advent Blessings,
Pastor Kent