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Spiritual Transformation

It begins with Spiritual growth and formation. God calls the church to be a sent community of people who no longer live for themselves, but instead live to participate with Jesus in His redemptive purposes. Yet, we will not have the energy nor the strength to live as counter-cultural for the sake of others if we are not transformed by the way of Jesus.

As a congregation and individuals who make up the congregation, we must take seriously our responsibility to cultivate spiritual transformation that does not allow us to remain as children or adolescents but moves us into adult-like maturity. There are greater relational underpinnings and considerable engagement with a multitude of spiritual rhythms (or disciplines).

Two core rhythms that should shape our lives are: Dwelling in the Word of God, where we learn to regard Scripture, not as a tool, but as the living voice of God that guides us into His mission. The second rhythm is prayer for discernment. It is not just prayer for all our needs and requests, but it is prayer where we discern where the Spirit is working and how we can be involved in that work.

Begin today by taking time to dwell in the Word and pray for the Spirit’s discernment!

Pastor Kent