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Taste & See New Sermon Series

Our new sermon series on Taste & See is all about experiencing God and his goodness! The act of tasting is used figuratively in the Bible, experiencing the goodness of God in a variety of ways. Too often we can focus on knowing about God, rather than actually tasting his goodness. The aim of the Bible is not merely to convey facts about God, but to actually create a transformative experience. And we are invited into this experience by tasting and seeing.

The goodness of God can only be known by personal experience. Taste is the most expressive image for personal experience. It is personal because tastes differ. What to one is delicious, to another is bland, and to a third is queasy. Yet what God has to offer us is designed specifically for what we really need to enjoy his goodness. To taste fully, you must not slightly touch with your tongue, but eat and drink – receiving its substance and sustenance. To taste God’s goodness means to receive and enjoy it in heart-felt experience.

I hope that you will join us each Sunday for this and come ready to taste and fully experience God’s incredible goodness!

Pastor Kent